New concepts and techniques are emerging throughout the industry and all this has to be learned quickly. But, if we are going through a (r)evolution of concepts in fields like management, marketing, organisational design, business and software development, the same cannot be said of learning. Workers, teams and organisations are still trying to get to grips with those new concepts through old methods; with that, they can memorize theory but they don’t learn how to put that theory into practice in the real world of work. By looking at this new reality, we have to relearn to learn, redefining the relationship between learning itself, space and time. We'll have to merge learning and performing in order to make it happen continuously. We need new concepts, new habits, and we need to practice new learning tools. This is undoubtedly a revolution, which we call Learning 3.0!

This session will explain What is and How Learning 3.0 works. You will also Taste Learning 3.0, by living its dynamics and applying one of its tools.
To understand the gist behind Learning 3.0, we'll take a look over the existing models of learning, from completely prescriptive to completely emergent. We will also see how Steven Johnson's Artificial Emergence concept is applied to Learning 3.0 core, covered by the elements of dialogue, egalitarianism, multiple perspectives and non-expert based.

Last but not least, this session will promote an in-depth experience about emergent and collaborative learning. For this reason, we'll apply a tool called **Learning Canvas**, designed to facilitate and centralize all conversations during the process of emergent learning. This tool is completely problem-driven - that means the entire content of the canvas will be pulled by the problems or by its symptoms. We expect you to experience how this powerful learning concept, along with its tools, is able to help you solve complex problems on your Agile team or on your organisational Agile adoption journey πŸ™‚

(Learning 3.0 is a concept developed by Alexandre Magno during the writing process for the book **How Creative Workers Learn**, and supported by Happy Melly Network. Caio and I are Licensed Facilitators of Learning 3.0.)

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About the Speaker(s)

I am an Agile Coach with five years of experience in the Brazilian industry of software development on helping teams and organizations to become high-performing, to eliminate waste and to make happier and healthier workplaces for everyone. I trust people can achieve wonderful results under good conditions - and that is what pushes me forward! I have CSM, CSPO, CSP, Management 3.0 Certified and Learning 3.0 Facilitator labels - but the most important are the values behind them :-)

Manoel is a catalyst for change, author of the book "The Agile Coaching DNA" (https://leanpub.com/TheAgileCoachingDNA), speaker, cycling enthusiast, and Agile Coach at Elabor8 in Australia. He has over 20 years of experience working as a designer of solutions and helping software development teams to create better ways of working. Manoel is also passionate about innovative ways of improving organisations, for this reason, he helps companies applying practices of Management 3.0, Learning 3.0 and Agile on a large scale.