The process of pre-sales can be painful, long and expensive.
It’s the first negotiation stage. You have to convince the prospect that you are the best
option. And we have to adjust the customer’s always-high expectations. And therefore,
this leads to over estimation, lies about times and deadlines, and a lot of non-healthy
behaviors that get the relationship dirty at the beginning.
However, there is always a way to improve and to get a balance, where both the
customer and the provider feel confortable, satisfied and secure.

In this report experience, we will explore how to merge the delicate and costly sales
process with the agile/lean principles.
We will reflect about how to identify what really adds value to the proposal or contract.
Since this is an experience report, we will stand in real experiences and real examples,
which will go with every concept, idea and thought mention in this report. So this is no
theory on practice, but theory from practice.

The goal is to show how to start adding value from the ground-zero stage. The idea is to
generate value from the conception of the product/project. Eliminate waste as the lean
thinking predicates.
To meet our goal, we will share our experience in several sales processes, talking
mainly about these topics:
• How to manage time request
• How to generate trust through transparency
• How to give flexibility and empowerment to the customer
• How to revert the "fix feature oriented” thought to a more time box approach.
• How to educate the customer with some agile concepts and practices.
• How to become a partner with the customer, and stop being a provider

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