Have you ever practice Customer Development?

After reading all the books and start practicing Eric Ries’ Lean Startup and Steve Blank’s Customer Development for real, Alline Watkins compiled a series of best practices and tips on how to do these processes in the most productive way. Alline Watkins has coached enterprises and startups for years and has used a method that goes straight to the point to delight customers within a month.

What customers want? What users are going to use? How to avoid waste? What is a Minimum Viable Product?

Starting with the customers’ problems and diving deep into their desires is possible to develop a minimum and viable product that is efficient and usable in four weeks of hard work.

Having customers and users experimenting the real value of the software before building it is the key to avoid waste and save time and resources.

Alline will be sharing her stories and illustrating the presentation with her own experience. Bring yours too, we will love to share them!

This talk is based on the blog: [http://MVPX.co](http://MVPX.co)

Structure of the presentation:
1. How to develop Customer in a month. (20 min)
Interviewing the Customer, Experiment the Solution, Acquiring Early Adopters and Developing the MVP.
2. Concepts explanation. (20 min)
Customer Development, Users and Payers, Target Problem, Lean Experiment, MVP, Build-Measure-Learn loop, Non-vanity metrics.
3. [The 13 flaws of Lean Startup and Customer Development](http://mvpx.co/flaws/) (20 min)
4. Q&A (15 min)

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