Humanity has centuries of experience leading laborers and clerks, but what do we know about leading people who think for a living?

* How can we help people have innovative new ideas?
* Are we keeping our people too busy to think?
* How can we encourage a voracious appetite for learning?
* How do we help the team stay mentally fresh and energetic all day long?
* Can we really learn to “work smarter”?

In this session, you will learn ways to lead your thinking people by helping them to learn more actively, manage their mental energy, and find ways to consistently produce better results.

We will use simulations, facts, games, and questions to explore getting the best outcomes for our organizations and our customers, instead of getting the most work out of each individual.

We will discover changes that we can make in our work environment which will begin to pay back immediately (with compound interest).

Come and learn a few ways to “give them the environment and support they need” (agile manifesto).

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