Thanks to globalization and the emergence and wide spread of new technologies, the world has become a very interconnected place during the past decades. This change has happened and is happening at an ever increasing speed.

As a consequence, management and leadership have become increasingly challenging to deal with the resulting complexity. To succeed, traditional approaches to management and leadership are not enough. We need to continuously grow and adapt our leadership capabilities.

In this Session you will learn how to cope with this challenge. I will share stories, insights and tools that will help you to increase your leadership bandwidth, making you better prepared for leading in a complex world.

One key element is a decent understanding of Systems Thinking, Human System Dynamics and Complex Adaptive Systems theory. All these are very inspiring, yet as a leader I had difficulties to translate these into something actionable and useful in my daily life. And talking to many others (not only leaders) I found that many people share that challenge. So, in this talk you will learn about tools that enable you to deal with complexity from a leadership perspective. I will share stories about how these tools have helped me and my team. You will also learn how to embrace the mindset shift related to Agile and you will learn how to take better decisions using modern leadership approaches.

This talk is based on my own experiences as a leader in an agile transformation (2000+ people) and the great inspirations I got from working and discussing with my group colleagues from the Supporting Agile Adoption program (one of the programs sponsored by the Agile Alliance).

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