The deeper roots that enable Agile organizations to flourish has been lost by many. Teams that struggle do so for many reasons… leaving people frustrated, complacent, and content to exist in mediocrity. There’s a little secret, one that propels teams, and entire organizations, to be really successful. It’s a matter of leadership. Not just executives, managers, or those with leader titles get to lead – everyone does!

In this interactive workshop, we explore the value and purpose of specific agile practices. Next we investigate specific leadership behaviours that make a big impact in any team, by any team member. We then examine what these behaviours look like within the agile practices to understand how to lead from within a team. Participants leave with practical insights and actions to instantly improve their team and performance.

The truth is that full benefits of Agile emerge when every person embraces their personal leadership. By embracing our inner leader, we are able to engage our team, improve value and quality delivery, and gain the competitive edge Agile methods intended.

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