Change is constant, but how do you drive change in an organization that has existed for more than 100 years and has successfully weathered many a storm? If you are a leader or change agent trying to transform an organization through the use of Agile and/or DevOps, you can learn from our experience launching agile and DevOps in a 114 year old company. We share our success stories, challenges and lessons learned so that you can learn from some of the common themes and apply the learnings to your own organization.

In this presentation we will discuss our experience around:
1. Making a case and securing executive buy-in for agile and DevOps
2. Developing an agile methodology and DevOps architecture
3. Successfully launching agile and DevOps with minimal funding
4. Building and sustaining bi-modal capabilities (NOTE: bi-modal capability represents the idea of successfully launching and using agile methodology in an organization even as it co-exists with the legacy methodology of that organization)
5. Long term roadmap and continuous improvement

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