Are you guilty of being involved in a large agile transformation? See how a multiple offender has pulled them off, the pratfalls taken so you might avoid them, and a few of my favorite tools that you might steal to speed yourself down the road.

5:3:1 – This essential toolkit for accelerating adoption and stifling bad smells emerged from 5 transformations at 3 companies over 1 decade. It is based on hands-on experience from internally leading and supporting large agile transformations of business units of 100-440 people across continents. No theory — just worn wrenches and bruised knuckles from a company-insider.

What about you? Are you leading, supporting, or recovering from a transformation? If you feel stranded on the side of a cold, dark highway; you are not alone! All organizations and transformations are different — one size simply does not fit all. But some tools and duct tape can improve your odds. You are invited to see the contents of my roadside toolkit with “open-me-first” instructions. Hopefully there is a tool you can borrow:

– Agile Mindset Alignment so a Tower of Babel is avoided. Tools: Agile Mindset Agenda, Picture Game
– Agile Journey and Vision so the past is managed & a better place imagined. Tools: Journey Chart, Visioning
– Agile Transformation Roadmap so the when, what, how, measures, & value are clear. Tools: Workshop Agenda, Roadmap Template
– Agile Transformation Teams (People, Process, Technology) so nothing is missed and clear ownership established. Tools: Team Structure and Operating Model
– Change Management Plan so the burden of being & doing things differently is eased. Tools: 8-Step Change Model, Change Management Matrix
– Agile Team Training & Coaching so teams are jump-started and quick wins achieved. Tools: Types of Training, Just-In-Time/Wave Adoption Model
– Agile Leader Training so managers are supported & know their role. Tools: Internal Agile Leader Training Agenda, Is/Is Not Game

While these are not all the tools needed for a large transformation, they are ones that are always handy in my trunk!

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