Be able to tell at a glance if your programmers are giving you bad quality code. Using the same cutting edge techniques researchers at university of Iowa are using to train pigeons to recognize cancer from MRI’s, come learn to recognize cancer in your code base.

You don’t need to be a mechanic to know something is wrong with your car. And you don’t need to be a programmer to know if something is wrong with the code. This session will focus on training you to have a ‘sense of smell’ for bad code. So you can increase the serendipity in your explorations by having insights into which sections of code are particularly error-prone.

Let’s take a look at how quickly we can instill some design sense into fresh minds using Sparrow Decks. Sparrow decks are a rapid succession of 50-100 examples in a 3 minute burst. They allow the pattern recognition portion of the brain to spring in gear and do what it does best.

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