We are Agile Coaches-for-Hire *(“have manifesto, will travel!”)*. We want each of our gigs to be successful for the organisation that employs us and also for ourselves as coaches, so that we can promote the spread of Agile (and make an honest living). We learned from the words of an old gambler (as relayed in song by Kenny Rogers) that *“every hand’s a winner, and every hand’s a loser.”* The Gambler’s secret is knowing how to play the game.
Whether you are an independent contractor or working through an employment agency, this 75 minute workshop will help you uncover better ways to design your next Agile Coaching gig to create that elusive winning hand. For you and the organisation.

As we focus on designing an effective relationship between a contract Agile coach and the hiring organisation, we’ll explore “case study” scenarios from our own assignments that describe ways that Agile practices are introduced into organisations. We will explore Weinberg’s addiction model as one way to better understand organisations that hire contract Agile coaches (and employment agencies if you are working through them) and to understand the role you choose to play.

We will also talk about locating the spark of Agile commitment in the organisation and navigating your “six degrees of separation” from that spark.

Yes, we are talking about politics. You *must* understand the politics and political agendas so that you can ethically cut through that system to coach the people you need to reach. We have all seen that that’s a tricky thing to do!

We will explore which jobs to take, and which jobs to turn down. We will explore guidelines for the “chartering” activities you can undertake to create a winning coaching framework and lay the groundwork to smoothly navigate coaching exit points during the life of the coaching mission.

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