Are you struggling to convince people in your organization to really adopt an agile approach? Trying to get managers to agree to changes in procedure that will help the teams you are working with? Tired of doing that in endless meetings, presentations, and training sessions? So were we! Until we tried something else and doodled the change. Then, we animated our doodles and published them as a videoscribe. The results were amazing! For some reason, our hand-drawn animated videos touched people deeper than we’d been able to before. And change came faster after that. We were able to accelerate the agile transformation, and scale it from one business unit to the entire organization by leveraging the power of video. Want to learn how? Come to our session, and we’ll teach you how to draw, animate your drawings, and publish them with a nice voice-over so you can add visual flavor to your agile approach when you get back to work.

Can’t draw? Don’t worry, we can’t either. We’ll show you how to do it anyway, then teach you how to animate it and add a voice-over. Some knowledge of agile principles and practices is helpful, as we’ll be using real-life examples from our agile coaching and training.

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