As I've learned to improve the way I work, I've discovered that almost everything we do needs to be smaller. We would benefit from smaller stories, smaller tests, smaller classes, smaller methods, and smaller commits.

In this workshop, we'll spend some time looking at how to make each of these things smaller, and the advantages of spending the time to do so. Then we'll break into pairs to work on some real code, to get some practice in finding ways to improve our code by finding the smaller pieces.

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Craig is an independent consultant specializing in helping teams improve the way they work — both their processes and their technical practices. He works as an Agile player/coach on Rails rescue projects, DevOps automation, and anything else he finds interesting. Craig has been in the IT industry for over 20 years. He got started with Extreme Programming in 2003. He's one of the hosts of the podcast This Agile Life. When he's not coding, Craig enjoys beekeeping, canoeing, attending concerts, and traveling.