You have been hired to help lead a team just starting out with Kanban. They have been struggling with their implementation and are looking forward to your expert guidance, advice, and leadership. It’s your first day and you just walked into the team room to look at their board. You want to make smart observations and have meaningful conversations so you can trigger improvements. The team starts assembling for their daily self-organization meeting and you want to provoke a thoughtful conversation once it ends.

What comments would you make? What questions would you ask?

This interactive presentation provides a detailed look at how to interpret Kanban boards and ask thoughtful questions so that you can improve the work of your teams. We will provide an overview of the Kanban Method and then proceed through a series of eight short exercises that will give you an opportunity to review and interpret various Kanban boards with other attendees at your table. The exercises will increase your understanding of Kanban systems, give you practice interpreting board configurations, and provide you with approaches for meaningful engagement. They are great for aspiring coaches, managers, and leaders who want to have more valuable conversations with their teams and improve Kanban implementations.

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