Traditional Project Management emphasizes the art of delivering gantt charts, role and responsibility definition, process flow diagrams, status reports and so much more. Where do these skills go in the Agile world? The value behind these deliverable is still applicable. What has changed is the formality and the rigor used to produce and enforce them. While we value these things we value working software more.

The majority of our discussion will be at the Program and Team level following the Scaled Agile Framework. We will touch on portfolio as some of the standard project management skills are applicable at all levels. One specific topic we will cover is how the gantt chart transforms into the value story map and how the work sequencing skill is applied. We will dive into some of the challenges we face when we build a traditional schedule and show how agile can address them.

Through experience implementing Scrum at John Deere Jen Olderog will share how agile compares, leverages and improves traditional project management.

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