The winds of Agile change are blowing – occasionally a tornado bringing dramatic, sometimes unexpected change, and other times a gentle breeze that changes little. Have you ever noticed that despite whatever may be happening in the greater organization, some teams thrive – getting work done and seemingly enjoying their journey together while other teams struggle to weather the storm?

Same organization. Same culture. What’s going on? In a nutshell, an organization’s “culture” is its personality, while a team’s “climate” is its mood. While culture takes time to shift, studies by the Hay Group indicate that 70% of employees’ experience at work is determined by their team and immediate leadership – the team climate. A team’s climate profoundly impacts engagement, collaboration and results. AND it is something a team can co-create for itself – irrespective of the organization’s culture.

In this interactive session, we will explore the factors that contribute to a team’s climate, how team members can proactively influence it and the role that we can play in fostering an awesome Agile team climate, no matter what storms may be brewing beyond the team.

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