The concept of Agile Project Management is somewhat controversial and some people might say that the concept of project management is inconsistent with Agile; however:

• If we look closely at a typical Agile team-level project, there is actually a lot of “project management” going on; it’s just a different kind of project management and the project management functions are distributed among different roles on an Agile team rather than being performed by a single individual called a “Project Manager”
• As we scale Agile beyond simple single-team projects to larger and more complex enterprise-level projects, there is definitely a need to integrate some level of project and program management with an Agile development approach
• There are many stereotypes and misconceptions about both “Agile and Waterfall” that make those two approaches seem like binary and mutually-exclusive choices that are polar opposites and are totally incompatible with each other

The objective of this presentation is to separate some of these stereotypes and misconceptions from reality and begin to see Agile and traditional plan-driven project management principles and practices as complementary to each other rather than competitive and examine how these two approaches can be blended together in real-world situations.

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Michael Nir, Transformation Inspiration Expert, Lean Agile Coach; empowers organizations to deliver results; With over sixteen years of experience Michael has been leading change at global organizations in diverse industries. Committed to sustained results as well as the journey, Michael balances a passion for creativity and innovation alongside tested proven approaches for solution delivery. Michael inspires people and teams to change, cognitively and emotionally, building on enthusiasm from climbing the hill AND reaching the top. In his toolbox are: agile product development and Scrum, project management know how, Lean Startup and Lean Agile expertise, change leadership and team building experience, and pragmatically integrating theory into practice. Combining a BSc in Civil and MSc in Industrial Engineering from the prestigious Technion Institute of Technology, Michael aggregates technical acumen with study and practice of Gestalt therapy and Instrumental Enrichment, a philosophy of mediated learning. His clients represent a multitude of industries: Hi-tech, Banking, IT, Software, Health, Petrochemical and Infrastructure. Sharing his knowledge and experience, Michael authored 10 bestsellers on Influencing, Lean Agile, Teams, and Leadership. The books engage readers in learning and motivate personal transformation. PMP®, ACP®, SAFe® Program Consultant