Testing on an agile team usually requires a major mindset shift for everyone. Testers who’ve worked previously in phased-and-gated environments are accustomed to testing at the very end, after all the code is delivered. Programmers who are new to agile may never have done any testing before – they’ve been paid to write production code, not do testing! As they adopt agile values, principles and practices, everyone on the team learns they should be testing early and often. How to make sense of this?

Whether you’re a tester, programmer, BA, manager or other agile team member, you’ll understand the whole-team approach to building quality into the software product. Lisa and Janet explain tried and true models your team can use to ensure all necessary testing activities are planned and executed within short iterations. They’ll explain how testers get engaged in agile development, and how agile teams get engaged in testing continually. The session introduces core practices such as using examples to create executable tests to guide development. Lisa and Janet share their experiences on how to avoid common pitfalls, and you’ll leave with a toolbox to help your team experiment with the good ways to build quality in.

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