Innovation is a complicated topic. Product folks often focus the discussion externally: how do we build products that customers and buyers find more innovative? ...attract more users, out-design the competition, create strategic advantage? Process folks often focus the discussion internally: how do we boost quality and delivery speed? ...better understand the true needs and ROI models of our users? ...create more joy for our teams?

In this session, we will suggest a few different definitions or metrics for innovation. Then we will unpack several approaches to innovation: team-level improvements through retrospectives and incremental process changes; innovation iterations to rethink delivery routines; lean UX approaches to mapping customer problems; market experiments/customer development to validate early product concepts; revenue and market share as proxies for innovation. We'll also explode a few popular myths about products we love (e.g. iPod). We may discover that each attendee has a different slant on innovation.

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Rich coaches product executives, product management teams and agile development organizations. He also parachutes into software companies as interim VP Product/CPO to fix product/market/engineering/revenue issues. Rich has been the “product guy” at six start-ups including as CEO and VP Products. He is a relentless blogger, speaker, teacher and mentor on software strategy, product management, and aligning “what-we-can-build” with “what-markets-will-pay-for.”