Most organizations still rely on some form of a roadmap. The traditional roadmap, however, fails to meet the needs of modern product delivery teams. A good roadmap should allow for agile practices such as daily standups and planning. They should create high visibility and transparency, operate with low overhead, and provide the right information to the right people at the right time.

In this talk, Chris will share how he’s implemented a Roadmap Wall. He’ll show how to incorporate the roadmap components into a highly visible and actionable format. The roadmap wall has multiple benefits and will:

* give leadership and executives visibility into how their decisions influence features, story backlogs, and priorities
* leverage delivery teams to understand technical feasibility tradeoffs
* provide options for satisfying competing customer needs
* demonstrate a clear picture of how business objectives link to customer needs

To realize these benefits, Chris will leverage a variety of familiar tools. He will show you how to use a kanban system to manage business objectives and OKRs, utilize priority queues, and incorporate WIP limits. You’ll learn how using an opportunity canvas and opportunity solution tree clarifies the customer’s need. He’ll show you new ways to use story maps when detailing features, improving communication and planning.

In the end, you’ll walk away with a new method for visualizing your product roadmap, giving your team better decision-making abilities.

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