As agile team members, we are committed to learning. However, often our learning is opportunistic and unplanned: we chase the latest shiny thing and gain broad but shallow knowledge. In a workshop inspired by Dan North and Chris Matt’s work in skills mapping, you will chart your own learning adventure based on where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

This workshop will have 5 parts:
1. Intro – Overview of current learning landscape. Outside of a degree or certification program, learning requires individual planning and a tiny bit of discipline. I’ll present an outline of the technique we’ll follow for this workshop and highlight results from applying this technique with 2 different teams.
2. Skills Mapping and Self-Evaluation. Attendees will self-evaluate their skills in two realms – skills needed by their teams and skills they’d like for their own professional advancement (a little 2008 but essential to set the stage for the remaining 2 parts). The presenters will provide some sample skills list for different agile roles as a starting point.
3. Learning / Mastery Objectives. Attendees will review some example skills maps, then analyze their skills map and choose which skills they would like to augment or acquire and what level of mastery they would like to achieve
4. Map your strategy. There are many different ways to approach learning. However, being intentional about what you learn and how you approach it means you increase your odds of success. I’ll briefly highlight the latest research in learning styles and today’s popular methods. Attendees will identify concrete next steps to take on their individual learning adventure, with the table group contributing ideas and experience.
5. Wrap up

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