Many software methods focus on *delivery*, but how do they create *delight*?

So many times, the conversation is about splitting stories: finding ways to reduce stories to their core.

But some stories need more: *intensifiers* that make them more sophisticated and more valuable. Intensifiers are a natural tool for follow-on releases; they’re also a critical part of Lean Startups’ zoom-in pivots, where one corner of a solution becomes the new product.

Intensifying stories is not merely the opposite of splitting stories; it includes things like giving the user more control, providing better options, and adding more intelligence (e.g., a drawing application that infers relationships between objects).

We will start by explaining what intensifiers are and why you should use them. We’ll quickly look at the simplest ones: stronger quality attributes and reversed splitting techniques. The heart of the session will be to brainstorm, categorize, and apply creative intensifiers. You’ll go home with concrete ideas for intensifying your stories and delighting your customers.

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