Does your organization have more development teams than User Experience (UX) designers? Have you adopted the Lean UX solution to this problem – a center of excellence of UX designers working 2 sprints ahead of the development team handing off detailed UI designs for developers? If so, you are living an Agile Anti-pattern!

Trying to bridge the Lean UX and Scrum Development divide this “traditional” way is a slippery slope back to waterfall – handoffs, overly complex designs, mismatched expectations and frustration for everyone. However, by keeping the Agile Values and Principles in mind, you can implement a process that allows people to practice Agile development and deliver outstanding user experiences early and often.

In this workshop we will explore how to use face-to-face communication to have “the business” (i.e. UX Designers) work with the developer’s daily to create great experiences. We will also have some hands-on activities to learn about High Tech Anthropology, an Agile practice for creating true empathy for the user within the developers. We will conclude with Mob Design – a practice based on Mob Programming for bringing developers and designers even closer together to co-create UI designs even more rapidly.

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