Creating an environment where teams thrive and perform can be challenging; the composition of the team may be off, communication tools get in the way and employee engagement scores across the industry are at historic lows. The good news is that there is science available to guide change leaders in increasing the chances of helping – rather than harming – teams towards high performance and finding inspiration in work. In this talk, one of the authors of the Harvard-published Team Emotional Intelligence (TEI) concept and an enterprise transformation coach with experience from Nokia, Intel, McAfee and Statoil explains the science behind TEI and Inspired Teams, detail the tangible business benefits that result from finding inspiration in work and provides practical guidance on how to get there.

We’ll walk through use cases and illustrate how teams can achieve extraordinary results by building the competencies of Inspired Teams. At the end of this session, participants will understand how change leaders can create an environment where their teams can transcend high performance and become innovative and Inspired.

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