An Agile transformation probably is never complete. Even when an Agile way of working is introduced company wide, there’s always more to wish for regarding your time to market, customer satisfaction or employee engagement. This certainly also applies to ING where a large scale Agile transformation was started in 2015. The Agile transformation already lead to many valuable results, but there is room for improvement. How do you keep the daily work of hundreds of squads aligned with the strategic goals of the organization? How can you help Agile leadership taking the right decisions, at the right time, based on the right information? It was necessary to explore what practices could be added to ING’s Agile Way of Working to help the organization to better deal with these challenges.

Inspired by a few local initiatives, ING chose to adopt Obeya as an add-on to the Agile Way of Working. An Obeya (“Big Room” in Japanese) is a place where top-down information about the strategic direction is connected with bottom up information about the actual results that we are achieving. This makes an Obeya a great enabler for effective Agile leadership. Based on the content presented in the room and a structure of rhythm and routine for meetings Agile leaders can apply validated learning in their day-to-day work.

The Agile Coaches initiated and supported the introduction of Obeyas in all Tribes of ING in the Netherlands and Belgium. Nienke Alma was one of them. In this presentation she will show the standardized approach the Agile Coaches used to set up the Obeyas from scratch and get them up and running. Based on her experience in multiple tribes, she’s able to compare the success of the introduction of Obeyas between these tribes. The significant differences in the success rate have provided valuable insights in the do’s and don’ts for the introduction of Obeya as a new Agile practice.

Do you want to know more about Obeya and how it fits in an Agile Way of Working? Are you looking for tips & tricks for how to set up an Obeya? Or learn how Obeya can help smoothen the flow of information about strategic direction and actual results in large organisations? Then this is a presentation you’d like to hear!

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