Refactoring is at the heart of the way we improve code. We make changes to the code for the purpose of making it easier to understand and easier to modify while maintaining the same behaviour.
In spending time refactoring code, I have noticed that there are three steps that we do:
1. Prepare
2. Improve
3. Clean
We are going to look at several refactorings to understand how these steps help us make changes to our code in a controlled way.

About the Speaker(s)

Bryan Beecham is an Agile coach, trainer, developer and international speaker with over 20 years of comprehensive IT experience. His specialties include process transformation, coaching teams, teaching and facilitating Agile adoption. He is a software craftsman who is passionate about improving everyone’s ability to design and produce excellent software. Bryan has extensive experience designing and implementing software solutions. He is equally proficient discussing corporate vision with executives, advising companies on Agile transformation and teaching new techniques and practices to developers. Bryan is passionate about collaboration, extreme programming, discovering creative solutions and helping teams deliver value to customers. His style is designed to get active participation and to unlock creativity and learning regardless of technical background. Bryan has a published training video on TDD, Refactoring and Pair Programming and speaks regularly at Agile conferences world wide. His blog HumanRefactor.com is where he compares technical practices with the improvement of the human body. Bryan lives in Ottawa, Canada, plays guitar, and enjoys chasing soccer balls around when he has the opportunity. He also volunteers as a minor hockey coach and loves to talk about healthy living.