Large organizations with multiple product lines and divisions that compete for funding, talent and scarce dollars have a problem. While they live on past successes, their future survival is at risk. Why? Because product funding comes from portfolio managers and executives so far removed from their organization’s customers and the markets they serve that they are unable to empathize with users, understand their needs and provide workable solutions that people will actually buy.

As a result, executives and managers fund products and projects that are a “solution in search of a problem”. Worse, the funding cycles are often multi-year undertakings, taking away the organization’s ability to experiment, adapt and deliver real customer value.

This leaves these “successful” companies vulnerable to the team working out of a garage, able to prototype, test, pivot when necessary, and learn.

So how can these organizations fund, and build, solutions that customers want and will pay for? How can these organizations own the future rather than fall victim to it? Through Agile portfolio management, which includes short funding cycles, rich feedback loops and an innovation investment strategy that balances near team needs with future opportunities.

If you are a portfolio manager, product manager and/or making investment decisions for your organization, then this session is for you. You will learn both the mechanics and the “why” behind Agile portfolio management as well as how it differs from traditional portfolio management. You will do a deep dive into a prototypical Agile portfolio kanban including states and exit criteria.

**As a result of this session, you will:**

* Gain an understanding of the mechanics of Agile portfolio management
* Understand how to match capacity to demand and fund small batches
* Discover a method to run experiments and use feedback loops to create a learning organization that can identify and adapt to customer needs
* Find out how to leverage the Three Horizons portfolio strategy to encourage innovation and plan for the future

You will also get to experience Agile portfolio management through an interactive breakout session where you will make trade-offs leveraging a framework that considers the time value of money, innovation, risk and your organization’s core capabilities.

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