Effectively driving enterprise transformation is a complex, adaptive challenge and requires a radical change in thinking and working. Learning is critical and transformations that don’t adapt and learn continuously will fail. In this practical and thought provoking workshop, Kamal and Petra will share their hard won knowledge and experience leading successful enterprise transformations by sharing their secrets: continuous innovation and learning as well as differentiating highlights: first universal principles, the one metric that matters and how they learned to break out of old mental models and business practices and pivot around the traps that derail most transformations.

Sharing stories from the birthplace of eCommerce: eBay, the presenter’s will

• share their journeys of learning, transforming and innovating
• explain how they achieved breakthroughs around 3 simple and differentiating plays
• facilitate group discussions and breakthrough activities enabling you to apply insights to solve your unique challenges
• share ideas on creating a practical playbook to put into action to address challenges impacting your transformation.

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