Continuous delivery is a great idea to read about in books and on blog posts from big tech companies, but no “real” companies do it, right? Well, at Pluralsight we deploy our production web site and related components anywhere from a couple of times a week to a couple of times a day. We do this for hundreds of thousands of users with virtually no user impact and with great uptime. In this session we’ll talk about what our deployment pipeline looks like, what some of the tools and technical practices we use that help us to deploy frequently, and what some of our challenges are.

In the past three years our development forces have increased in number by more than an order of magnitude. As with most things, not everything with software development that works well at a small scale will work as well at a larger scale. We’ll talk briefly about how the move from a single team of half a dozen to developers to multiple teams that each include people from development, ops, devops, and product management has affected our architecture and our deploy process.

Please come with any questions about how deploying frequently works at Pluralsight. Hopefully attendees will be able to use some of the things that help us at Pluralsight to make their own deployments faster, more reliable, less scary and more fun.

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