Ida looked around the table and said, “Teams should have integrity. Do what you say you are going to do. Our team works that way.” Frank replied “Well, we do the best we can. We depend on The Alpha Dawgs for a lot of infrastructure. We’ll try to work harder next sprint.” Sam the manager ended the meeting saying “Well, it doesn’t matter what causes the problems. The VP committed the delivery to the client, and we’ll just have to keep working longer and harder until we deliver the product.”

Do these comments seem familiar? What do you expect to change after this conversation? What’s hiding? What’s missing in this conversation?

As a coach, one way to improve interactions involves using the Satir Interaction Model to check what people hear and what it means. The Satir Congruence Model ensures self, other, and context balance each other and get represented in the conversation.

In this session we’ll explore and apply the Satir Interaction Model, and the Satir Congruence Model to improve interactions.

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