Remember when, in your retrospective, you discussed the need for your three teams to communicate on a regular basis? That would have resolved the architectural disconnect last sprint, right? You eagerly adopted the well documented Scrum of Scrums pattern in order to prevent this type of thing from happening again. Your teams are now meeting every morning to talk about the pressing issues of the day and keep everyone on the same page. There’s only one problem: It didn’t work.

Unfortunately, many of our attempts at improving collaboration miss the mark in practice and are simply modernized versions of old techniques. Whether it’s a Wiki (Intranet?), Sharepoint (Shared Drive?), Scrum of Scrums (more meetings?), or PSI planning (even more meetings?). It is time to look at collaboration differently instead of putting a new face on old ideas.

Join us to learn about how incentive programs can encourage knowledge scarcity, laziness is our default choice, as well as other problems frequently encountered when trying to scale up collaboration beyond a single team. In addition, you will discover some tools and techniques for improving collaboration that you can start using today and some others that you may be using tomorrow.

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