There are several factors to implementing Continuous Delivery: organisational, process and architectural. Each one could require significant changes in your organisation.

This talk will focus on the architecture of your application. How do you design a system you intend to rapidly deploy? How do you avoid common pitfalls or anti-patterns, which will hinder your ability to deliver? How do you refactor your existing code base to suit rapid delivery? I will address patterns such as micro-services and evolutionary architecture, which can speed up your delivery.

I will also look at how to tackle the dreaded ball-of-mud, that may be currently holding you back, without re-writing your entire architecture.

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About the Speaker(s)

Rachel is the Head of Technology for North America at ThoughtWorks and is based in New York. She has over 14 years of experience in software delivery, having worked on a wide range of technologies and the integration of many disparate systems. At ThoughtWorks, she has coached teams on Agile and Continuous Delivery technical practices. She contributes to and drives the regional technology strategy, and is a conduit between the technical teams on the ground and global technical leadership. Rachel is also a member of the Technical Advisory Board to the CTO, which regularly produces theThoughtWorks Technology Radar. She is fascinated by problem-solving and has discovered that people problems are often more difficult to solve than software ones.