Impact mapping is an essential practice for great teams, product or otherwise. Roadmaps and backlogs can become filled with pet projects, squeaky wheels, and recent ad hoc items. This strategic planning technique utilizes elements of mind-mapping brainstorming and data-driven prioritization. It provides a framework to identify and align our work to the most valuable business goals, communicate them, and avoid many of the common challenges that keep us from staying focused on delivery of actual value to the business.

This value-driven practice helps us know what to build/deliver, how to create and refine a backlog, and how to quantify the targeted results. It drives proper goal discovery and aligns all work to those goals. It helps us define who customers are, including all contributing and blocking actors. Impact mapping is a great way to communicate assumptions, create plans, and align stakeholders, and is a key practice in strategic planning, roadmap and backlog management, and defining measures of success and quality.

Through impact mapping, you will be able to use a value-driven lens, measure quantifiable movement towards goals, and make informed decisions that put the right features in the hands of the right customers to deliver maximum impact against your program’s highest goals.

This workshop will provide an appreciation for the power of impact mapping by walking you through building your own impact map and the facilitation process for doing so in your organization. You will leave the workshop having participated in a tangible example of the technique, and having gained an understanding of best practices for facilitation with a focus on an impact map’s outputs and how they lead into the creation of actionable user stories when completed.

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