Impact Mapping helps us establish what really needs to be done in order to make our business goals a success. It produces a roadmap that teams can work from. It even promotes experimenting, testing assumptions and helps avoid "pet features". The goal is not always to write more software. Impact Mapping addresses this, even in chaotic environments like the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.

Justin comes from Clickatell.com where he has facilitated several Impact Mapping workshops all across the organisation. Today he find himself as the new Agile Coach at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He is tasked to help Mr Burns, Smithers, Homer and many more Springfield citizens create an Impact Map to drive the new requirements. Even Homer will be unlikely to fail after this. He shares what it is and how to facilitate a impact mapping workshop, pitfalls to look out for and how to use shuttle diplomacy in your favor while drawing parallels to the Simpsons universe.

Learn why it's a bad idea to just start an Impact Mapping session without understanding the people involved.
Learn about what to do when some of your of stakeholders and customers get so upset, they turn into Sideshow Bob and leave the session.
Learn about when it is safe to experiment with it and what to do when you realize that it's not working for you.

A must for Product Owners, Business Analysts, ScrumMasters, Agile Coaches and anyone who often find themselves in a Springfield Nuclear Power Plant environment and want to facilitate a session like this.

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