If you’re fortunate enough to have convinced your organization that “quality” matters at all, congratulations! That’s the first step. You’ve probably walked right into the next pitfall, and you may or may not know it yet: when all roles are passionate about “quality”, but no one agrees on what it is. Or worse, everyone agrees, but you don’t realize you’re *all* missing something.

In this session, we’ll expose how the use, overuse, and abuse of the word “quality” can mislead even the best-intentioned agile teams and organizations. It’s not about role vs. role—no one is immune, not even people with “quality” right there in their job title.

You’ll learn about a specific common “quality” anti-pattern, the harm it causes, how to spot it, and how to solve it. We’ll practice communication strategies that will help you understand and influence your colleagues more effectively.

We all want to make our products better. It’s time to stop talking about “quality” and learn to say—and more importantly, *do*—what we really mean.

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