Software was delivered before the Agile manifesto. Services were running before anyone spoke the word devops.

What about the Agile manifesto resonated with so many people that we now have a conference devoted to this ideal?

What changed that makes devops a timely and advantageous addition to the story? Why wasn’t ‘continuous delivery’ part of the initial Agile story?

In the context of devops, what was considered best practice a few years ago, can seem primitive compared to what people are doing today. Did the world really ‘change’? Was the past really ‘wrong’?

How does this all relate to CMMI and ITIL? Large and small teams? Culture and Technology? Past, Present and Future.

What has really changed? What has remained the same? Is there a one true way?

People tend to get hung up on techniques and tactics, perhaps going so far as to disdain principles as philosophical and impractical.

Techniques have context. Only with the underlying ‘why’ is a technique alive and practical.

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