**Stop slogging through sterile and boring training!**

There is a place for humor. There is scientific proof that humor moves information from short term to long term memory - a fact useful in converting training and presentations into engaging, memorable and retainable experiences. With an agile practice, we must constantly learn -- let’s make it fun!

This session won’t turn you into Jerry Seinfield or Amy Schumer, nor is it intended to advocate that your presentations should be a stand up routine. This session will introduce accessible techniques you can use to bring any training or presentation to life. These techniques have a basis in cognitive neuroscience and academic research.

This workshop introduces and reviews the The 6 Trumps ® - six learning principles based on scientific prinicples that can be used in any type of training. It explores how the brain learns and how information converts from short to long term memory. Finally, it synthesizes these foundations and builds a new common thread: Humor Trumps All!

Participants will acquire a strong understanding of the importance of humor and fun in training, and how, even if they don’t think they are *funny*, they can introduce these attributes to develop improved content and engagement techniques. Ultimately leading the attendees towards making more memorable and impactful agile learning.

*“The Human Race only has 1 truly effective weapon, and that is Laughter” - Mark Twain*

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About the Speaker(s)

Tamsen has worked at a bunch of companies for a number of years - but that's a BLAH profile. It all started when... Tamsen found her passion in cognitive neuroscience and humor. No, really. She is principal at Graphic Language, a facilitation and coaching studio, and Agile Coach at Bloomberg, and she's always been part of strong creative, storytelling-based environments where thinking outside the box was nurtured. Tamsen is an experienced speaker, graphic facilitator, visual-recorder, and humor coach - and is passionate about continuous improvement, and how to facilitate that curiosity in others. She specializes in crafting learning and development programs that maximize retention and engagement in the participants. Trained as an architect, at the Mackintosh School of Architecture / Glasgow School of Art, she has spent 20 years in the technology industry and has deep design, agile, and lean experience. Her experience from Activision, Pixar, LinkedIn and Salesforce provides a robust visual and storytelling basis for a range of topics. Along with curriculum development and extensive coach training.