It has become all the rage to utilize scaling frameworks to introduce agile in a synchronized and replicable fashion in the enterprise. Having been an enterprise coach for years, I understand the need for such a systemic approach. Oftentimes, what gets lost in these transformations is the humanistic perspective. We get so focused on the framework, that we forget the people.

Join me and fellow participants in a discussion of five key actions that help to humanize transformations: defining the mission together; identifying the value stream; team self-selection; team bootstrap; and keeping the spirit alive post-transformation. This is not another framework, these are deceptively simple steps anyone can take to put people first in their transformation.

Who will benefit from the session?
-Those considering using a scaling framework and lack direct experience
-Those in the middle of a transformation but feel stifled by the structure and lack of innovation
-Those who are nearing the end of their transformation and wonder how to sustain the new culture

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