Many writers are trying to figure out how to meet deadlines, write quality documentation, and stay sane as their software companies switch from the traditional “waterfall” method of development to the popular Agile methodology. However, there is limited—if any—information on how writers can cope in such an environment. How do we know? Because in 2006, Salesforce.com switched to Agile. Our Documentation and User Assistance team found few external resources to help us work with Agile, even though our executives, managers, and Agile coaches were determined to help us succeed. Through trial and error, we’ve created several techniques to help our team of 70+ writers thrive in Agile. From our experience, you’ll learn:

* Problems writers faced when switching to Agile
* Implementation solutions for writers
* Daily best practices for writers
* Team best practices for writers
* The benefits of writing in Agile

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