In 2010 I co-organized the first Agile Coach Camp Germany with the theme “Wavemaking - gently creating radical change”. Since then I created plenty of waves, by organizing, hosting and facilitating nearly 100 community events. Those community events gave me plenty of learning opportunities in getting a better host and person. And they provided trusted learning environments, where reams of participants stepped out of their comfort zone and grew.

In the last seven years I failed and learned to take care, to let it go, to resolve conflicts, to keep my and others energy, to trust, to listen, to speak up and to be aware what’s needed. Within this session I share some of my learnings and provide space for the participants to share their learnings too. We will look at smaller community events that only last a few hours and bigger camp style events that last at least a day. If you are already hosting similar events, you will directly benefit from the shared learnings, to make your community meetings better learning environments. If you haven’t hosted an event so far, the shared impressions might inspire you to start your first event.

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With 20 years of professional IT background I’m coaching projects, teams and companies to improve their way of working since eight years. I create waves to push my clients out of their box in order to help them to get better. Doing this I try to keep the balance between avoiding to overwhelm and striving for excellence. Besides working as coach, consultant and trainer I’m organizing Agile Tracks on conferences, I’m one of the initiators of Agile Coach Camp Germany, Play4Agile, moderator of the Agile Monday in my hometown Nuremberg and speaker on several conferences all over the world.