The growth of an organization is linked to the growth of the people within that organization. But how do you create a learning culture in an organization in which people can grow? How do you keep fostering and nurturing that growth? How do you enable craftsmanship?

In order to grow, (software) companies these days need a different kind of different kind of environment for their people to excel in. During this session I’d like to share lessons that will help you enable an environment of learning and growth in order to enable craftsmanship, with a focus on software development environments. Because for years and years the world has established software development as something comparable to making hamburgers at McDonald’s, rather than the creative craft is actually is. As with any craft, it requires craftsman. But how do people become craftsmen and how can you enable an environment in which they can?

We’ll explore what the current situation is in many companies, why it needs to be changed and how we can change it. We’ll explore how we can create a learning culture within organizations in which people can grow and we’ll have a look at how to maintain that culture. Finally, we’ll go over some tools and practices that may help with that, focused on software craftsmanship within an agile context.

As someone that has experienced the transition from “code monkey” to craftsman and someone that has seen (and still sees) companies every day that face this challenge, I’ll introduce a number of actual client stories that may help the audience find the answers they need. I’ll also ask for input from the audience on their experience with growth and craftsmanship.

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