There are many approaches to your enabling and accelerating the DevOps transformation within your organization. In this talk, I’ll walk through a key component piece of the approach I helped develop at a large fortune 500 bank in the past year: helping build and architect a pipeline factory to accelerate development teams adoption of DevOps tooling and practices.

I’ll provide an overview of the abstracted model used to provide an understanding of the approach to the executives then dive into the framework, architecture and tooling selection and implementation. Through the course of the talk, I’ll cover the roadblocks we encountered and the key methods used to overcome these. This ranges from helping the team building the factory to understand what was needed through to building out of the platform itself and execution of the surrounding operational model.

The intent is to provide attendees with insight into an approach to help large organizations overcome the challenges of DevOps adoption where the development teams are resistant to the necessary change.

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