Development teams are having success delivering in smaller increments and welcoming changing requirements. A key enabler for this capability is a prioritized product backlog with clear criteria for success. Unfortunately the world does not present itself to the team in this orderly fashion. That’s where you, the Product Owner come in.

As the Product Owner, your actions and decisions determine what will be achieved through the development teams efforts.
– Will the users be delighted to experience your product everyday?
– Will those that funded the effort look back on a great investment?
– Do the team of people that developed the product feel an immense sense of fulfillment from having been part of the endeavor?

Achieving that is a tall order, but that is what great Product Owners do. You can be a great Product Owner by understanding the role and following a few key disciplines.

This session will introduce the participants to the Product Owner role.   We will cover:
• The evolution of the role, so that you can cut through the noise and focus on being successful in the role
• The mindset required to maximize the impact agile has on your organization
• The practices and skills that enable a success
• future trends to look for during the rest of conference and beyond

You’ll leave this session with deep understanding of the Product Owner role and how to successfully fulfill the role on your agile efforts.

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