As many organizations are adopting more agile and scaling it, a key question is emerging … how sustainable is agile in our organizations – especially at an Enterprise level? From my experience of leading Agile Transformations in three Fortune 100 companies (over 2000 people per transformation), the sustainability of Agile is deeply linked to how the organization “transforms” to agile. We know that transforming an organization to become more agile requires more than just process change. Rather, it requires a complete culture shift. How to affect that culture shift, and make it sustainable, is the key question we will discuss in the session.

We will present two different common transformation approaches (organizational-led and process-led) and then describe a hybrid version called culture-led transformation that is the power of “Keystone habits” to set off a chain of internal events, paving the way for the organization to form other habits, and eventually transform completely. After explaining what Keystone Habits are and their power, I talk about 4 suggested keystone habits (from my experience) that can truly transform an organization.

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