Change is hard. Coaching for change is hard. How do you help generate some inertia for people to begin a change? Why do people sometimes choose to change and sometimes not? How can you increase the chances of people changing and how can you be an effective coach for people who want to change? And then, how do you know you are being effective as a coach?

This session will introduce the concept of a “change equation” that I believe everyone weighs up when considering (even subconsciously) whether to make a change or not. I will then share my model of having BELIEF in your team, or the person you are coaching, to increase your chances of success and then finally a METRIC model for evaluating the effectiveness of coaching for change.

This talk makes use of Mia Kellmer Pringle’s book “The Needs of Children” which outlines 4 basic needs that children have and how, by applying these to my work as a coach it has increased my efficacy and thus the mobility of my clients.

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