Machine Learning is all the rage. Companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are investing extreme sums of money into their ML budgets. But what is it, and more importantly, how will it affect me, as an Agile tester? As a Scrummaster? As a developer on an Agile Team?

Last year, I was at a testing conference where a group of 5 executives decreed adamantly that ML would replace testers within the next few years. Anytime 5 executives agree on anything I question it! So I wanted to learn if they were right. Over the last few months, I’ve researched and learned about ML. I’ve talked with industry experts in the field and testers with expertise in ML. I wanted to know what they had to say about this decree. I wanted to know for myself, “is testing in danger of being automated by ML?”

Join me to learn what Machine Learning is, How it is affecting the software we build, the products we use and our ability to test our applications. Learn what I’ve found in my research, to get an introduction to ML, and to decide for yourself if the future of testing will be in the hands of ML algorithms.

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