Production Support is hard and thankless. If you do it well, few will notice. If you do it poorly, you’ll quickly find yourself on email chains or in meetings with senior-level executives. Probably not the way you wanted to get more “exposure”.

Discovering how to manage production support is one of the key things a business or a team must do to succeed. Some feel that a team should be either 100% dedicated to production support or 100% dedicated to new feature development. Others feel that the team that builds a thing should also support it in production.

Using his experience as an Agile Coach, Production Support Manager, Development Manager and Developer, David will discuss the common challenges with production support in an agile environment and provide ideas to help teams survive and thrive.

Whether the team is 100% dedicated to support or balancing feature work with support, production support depends on clear communication, good working agreements (processes), sense of urgency and relentless continuous improvement.

This session is for anyone who works with or on teams that have production support responsibilities. The session will cover specific strategies and techniques to:

* Make production support easier for your teams
* Decide if production support should be separate from or embedded into feature teams
* Apply systems thinking to reduce and eliminate interruptions and fire-drills
* Ensure effective communication around issues so nothing gets lost
* Help production support be a driver for continuous improvement within the team using the “Blameless Production Incident Retrospective” technique with 5 key questions to ask
* Keep customers delighted, even when things go wrong

You’ll come away with things you can start implementing as soon as you get back to work.

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