This is a story about building appreciation and feedforward culture in the organization.

I am going to talk about a bottom-up experiment based on Jurgen Appelo’s Merit Money, conduced in the biggest e-commerce company in Poland – Allegro Group. It is a story about learning throughout an Agile experiment to get the most out of it. Primarily the experiment was intended to challenge the existing bonus system based on forced ranking. It turned into appreciation and feedback system with some sweets involved. We will start from what needs this experiment was intended to address and see what were the obstacles in the beginning. Then see why and how it developed and what were the final outcomes of it. Then an interesting insight on how the participants liked it. Then an attempt to analyse the entire experiment and why we were sure it will be a success way before it was launched company-wide. At the end participants will see what the experiment finally turned into and how it is working in the company at the moment.
Do you feel your team could be more engaged in their work? Get inspired by this simple game, in which there are several instant feedback loops, fun, gambling and sweet prizes.

Oh, I forgot… and you’ll find an answer on why we call it Fudge Candies.

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