Agile testing is about more than how to squeeze enough testing into the last few days of the sprint. However, many teams have adopted agile and not yet changed the way they think about testing.

Do any of these sound familiar:
Testers are usually extremely busy at the end of a sprint.
Teams have a hardening sprint before they ship where they do manual regression testing.
There is a growing backlog of bugs found internally that never get fixed.
You really want to do test automation but you struggle to fit it into the story.
Developers are usually working on different stories to the testers because they work ahead.
Task boards have a test column after the dev or in progress column.

If so, it’s time to adopt an agile testing mindset. In this session, we will introduce you to 5 simple statements to help you practice this new mindset every day. We will also cover techniques you can start using immediately to help reinforce this mindset. These will be simple things anyone can do: from a minor tweak to your taskboard, to different questions to ask in planning.

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