Hoshin Kanri, 方針管理 which means “direction management” in Japanese, is a method based on lean principles and practices. Designed to capture and cement strategic goals about the future, and the actions needed to bring them to reality, Hoshin Kanri allows organizations to build collective corporate strategies and visions, mapping into actionable and measurable results. According to Professor Yoji Akao. “Each person is the expert in his or her own job, and Japanese TQC [Total Quality Control] is designed to use the collective thinking power of all employees to make their organization the best in its field.” Hoshin kanri aligns organizations to reach a common goal by creating a high level vision and strategy, and mapping into measurable results.
This talk will present the tenets and link of Lean and Total Quality methods to Hoshin Kanri, and allow the audience to experience the deep wisdom and direction that can be realized by creating strategies, tactics, processes, and key results collectively in a group activity by participating in a Hoshin Kanri event.
This session is aligned to the portfolio, program, and portfolio management track as it will help organizations select and relate corporate strategies with visions, create plans using the Hoshin Kanri method, manage results at the portfolio, program, and project level, and adapt by using collective techniques to manage and adapt initiatives.
The following agenda is proposed:
1. Introduction (5 minutes)
2. Introduction to TQC and Hoshin Kanri (10 minutes)
3. Link of Lean principles and practices to Hoshin Kanri (15 minutes)
4. Introduction to Hoshin Kanri planning (15 minutes)
5. Hoshin Kanri exercise (30 minutes)
Exercise: Form into groups with easels and flow chart pens, and using a Hoshin Kanri tool from ASQ (X Matrix Chart), we will accomplish the following activities.
1. Create strategies
2. Create tactics
3. Create processes
4. Define results

How we will get there:
Teams of 5-7 individuals will form into an organization or group of their choice, and complete the following steps:
1. Deep Dive Review of current business activities and business environment
2. Design of Innovative Breakthrough objectives
3. Obtain agreement of company business objectives
4. Develop world-class strategies designed to meet the agreed business objectives
5. Develop key measures and balanced scorecard for tracking performance
6. Develop supportive action plans and measures
7. Implementation of Strategic Business Plan
8. Structured execution of strategies across the organization
9. Process Design for Periodical Review and Adjustment

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