Stop treating the symptoms and treat the whole organism…or organization! Companies are undergoing an evolution and it is imperative that we understand what the evolution is, how it impacts you personally and how you adapt to the change taking place. As Agile methods find more global applicability, we are quickly finding groups outside of IT who have nothing to do with technology or software development demonstrating success with Agile methods. But the approach to the specific solutions they deliver are often catered to their own unique circumstances. The original Agile manifesto, principles and supporting frameworks we have been teaching were formed with software development in mind but, from a holistic perspective, a similar yet unique approach is needed for enterprise solutions outside of IT.

As both day to day practitioners and Agile champions, how can we translate the success seen in Agile software delivery to parts of the organization who want to see the same types of successes but don’t deliver technology as its core solution? Where are we seeing trends in non-technology based solution delivery applying agility? Does a more “holistic” approach to Agile adoption change both what and how we teach? Does Holistic Agile force us to rethink the founding Agile principles we have worked so hard to adhere to and if so, what does that look like? Finally, what impact does a more holistic approach have on both defining and facilitating Enterprise Agile Transformation? Robert Woods & Tony Shawver, Directors of the National Agile Practice for MATRIX, will answer these questions and help attendees see how Holistic Agile is redefining what an Agile Company looks like and how we help them get there.

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